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MSE Collection offers a wide-selection of high-quality custom apparel solutions to ensure you can find exactly what you need for any marketing strategy, event, or organisation. If you are looking for a classy, upscale look, custom apparel embroidery is just what you want to enhance your image and brand.


Your embroidered custom logo will ensure your company gets noticed when it’s applied to styles ranging from traditional business, new corporate casual looks, or relaxed cotton performance polos, not to mention t-shirts, bags, hats and other apparel items.


At MSE Collection, we provide a complete screen printing service on a large range of clothing, umbrellas, bags and other materials. For larger quantities, this can often work out to be the most cost effective solution. 


Screen Printing Shirts is one of the oldest processes used to reproduce an image. It is achieved by means of ink passed through the gaps in a stencil, affixed to a mesh. Contact us today and we’ll see whether screen printing is the best option for you.


Sublimation is the process of transferring sublimation ink to a polyester-based material. The image is printed on paper then heat pressed on to the material. In a dye-sublimation process the printing dye is heated up until it turns into a gas, at which point it diffuses into the fibres and solidifies imbedding the image forever into the fabric.


If you are unsure as to whether sublimation is the appropriate method for you, contact us and let the experts give you the best advice for you.


Also known as “Photo Finish Transfer” these transfers are printed using  4 color digital technology.
The benefit of this process is you can reproduce multi color graphics, photo images and four color process
images and achieve the highest quality result possible with current technology.

The process is best suited to solid designs, otherwise  text and finer detail  can be incorporated by using solid backgrounds and key lines. These transfers are suitable for most fabrics and are recommended when only
the best will do.

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